all the images i used to photoshop together that abomination on the homepage

Not that anybody is, but in case you’re wondering: Here’s how I crafted the unholy, unliving thing which greets weary visitors upon reaching the homepage – Frey, the Machination.

So basicaly, I just started rippin shit together in Photoshop and using every tool, filter, and panel available. Hell, maybe I should actually make a tutorial on that… But not right now. Where was I?

Right, ok then I saved each segment of the body as separate PNGs and used to compress them to load more quickly. Then came the tedious part.

The Advanced LayerSlider WP plugin is an amazing tool and shockingly effective but damn if it isn’t an ineffective animation tool. It’s all tweaking numbers and percentages to make the damn things move, it’s hard to keep everything where you want it to be. That said, I did clearly succeed to some extent.

You may notice that it looks a bit different on different sized screens, that’s because I actually made an alternate version of the slider which only appears on mobile in order to be more easily used on smartphones and tablets.

Uh… so here’s most of the random images I Frankenstein’d together to make that thing (the hair and headset are just from an old photo of me):

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