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The CSS-Only Webpage

Recently, while in the shower, I was contemplating how versatile CSS has become compared to how it used to be. I thought about how the appearance and even behaviour of a website can be changed so utterly as to be unrecognizable without its bespoke stylesheet. Then I had another thought. An idea really, and a rather silly one:

What if I were to create a webpage using ONLY Cascading Style Sheets?

Well, a stylesheet is somewhat of a code parasite; it can’t live independently and must always exist inside a host body in order to function (in this case, it’s the host head). So that’s what I limited myself to. The head, shoulders, knees, and toes of an HTML document with nothing else inside it. Save for the meta tags in the head, this document is completely barren. Without the sheet, you’d be faced with a completely blank white page with nary a stray bracket to its name.

But enough blathering about my nonsense! You want to see what I did, right? I mean, I can’t imagine you’d have read this far without being at least a LITTLE curious…

Anyway, here you go. Click the button below to view my experiment!

P.S. the background colour is #00beef. That made me chuckle.

Squish! – An Art Challenge

After seeing an art challenge posted by my ol buddy Enzo (click here to view), I decided to try my hand at this fun little skill-testing feat and made the image you see before you. I didn’t really have a character to hand at the time so I just doodled a lil self-portrait on the spot.

The goal of the challenge is to sketch a really squished version and a really elongated version of your OC, then use the transform tool to stretch the sketches to roughly the proportions they would normally appear to be. From there, you use the transformed versions of your sketches as a base to finish 2 drawings. This can have some pretty interesting results!

If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can share your Squish challenge drawings on this CyberForum post!

Making Peking Duck – “Honk Chef”

It took 9 hours, countless ingredients, and a whole ass air compressor to pull it off, but the results were amazing!

In 2018, I was a member of a Discord server known as the “Honk Lounge”, wherin I decided to run my mouth against a member with the role of “Master Chef”, leading to a challenge I just could not refuse.
You heard me right: This whole thing was done as an exercise in ego boosting, putting my money where my mouth was.

This video was meant to feature both my entry and Huahua’s entries edited together like a cooking challenge show (hence the opening animation) but that ended up being too difficult to cut together using just a short, static photo of Huahua issuing the original challenge and 2 photos of his completed dish.