An Open Letter to the Great Canadian Oil Cange

To whom it may concern, (formal, eh?)

I am writing to express my disdain for the recent sloppy and soulless corporate rebranding of The Great Canadian Oil Change.

I have been a customer of GCOC for as long as I have been driving and chose you above your competitors with a similarly high standard of service quality because your logo and brand identity spoke to me. Your previous logo was a timeless classic; a highly inspired design harkening back to the golden era of automobiles with a modern and sleek twist. Warm colours and smooth curves, with just the right amount of visual complexity to make it interesting without being noisy. With the maple leaf oil drop adorning the top, no image could have been more emblematic of the “Great Canadian Oil Change” than that logo. It told a story, it exuded personality and trustworthiness. It was simply a great design.

Compare that to what you have replaced it with. A god-forsaken red rectangle with bold cap pseudo-Futura font and the Valvoline icon slapped on top. It’s the most hollow, meaningless, and utterly disappointing rebrand I have personally ever seen.

There is no bigger ego-dick move than to buy out a classic and beloved brand and ham-fistedly paint over it with your frankly boring and passe corporate colours.
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Carter D. Lovelace

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