24 Generations of the Lovelace Patrilineal Lineage

Just in time for my 24th birthday in February 2022, I’ve been able to reconstruct the past 24 generations of my paternal roots. From English Knights to American Colonists, all the way down the line from the 13th century to the 21st.

(black and white photos restored and colourized by MyHeritage AI)

UPDATE, March 3 2024: It has become evident that there was an overlooked discrepancy in the personage of Joseph Lovelace (generation 9) which connected to the line of John Baptist Lovelace incorrectly.

I admit, then, that I am in fact not the 11th William of my line, and my true ancestry prior to the 18th century remains a mystery.

UPDATE 2, March 6, 2024: Governor Francis Lovelace married Blanche Talbot around 1659. From this marriage, they had a child, Edward Lovelace, born about 1662, who later became a Naval Lieutenant and was killed in battle in 1714. Edward had a son named John Lovelace, who, along with an uncle of the same name, came to America in 1715 and settled in Dutchess County, New York

Source: The Lovelace-Loveless and allied families by Robertson, Florance Alice Loveless Keeney, 1952

  • 1998


    Lord William Carter Lovelace XI

    Public Figure
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    • 2019-2024: Lead Web Developer, StratLab Marketing
  • 1968


    Darcy Brett Lovelace

    Power Lineman
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    • 1995: Marriage to Karen Dawn Dreher
    • 2016: Built the Kingsmere-Lovelace Workshop
  • 1940


    Archie Bruce Lovelace

    Power Inspector, Archery Coach
    Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

    • 1961: Marriage to Patricia Helene Coghill
    • 1994: Built the Balgonie-Lovelace Homestead
  • 1906 to 1989

  • 1884 to 1975


    Moses Adson Lovelace

    Verndale, Minnesota, USA
    Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

    • 1896: Shot his right hand off with a rifle at the age of 12 while climbing over a fence
    • 1902: Marriage to Alvina Cathrina Uraine Clark
    • 1903: Immigration to Canada
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  • 1838 to 1928

  • 1816 to 1908

  • 1789 to 1879

  • 1740 to 1815


    Joseph Lovelace/Loveless

    Revolutionary Soldier, Baker
    Albany, New York, British Colonial America
    Tompkins, New York, USA

    • A baker in the Revolutionary War, Joseph Loveless represents the generation of Lovelaces who actively participated in the American struggle for independence.
    • Notably, all Lovelaces who fought with the colonists had changed the spelling of the name to Loveless as a result of the political antagonisms of the day [Page 98]
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  • 1698 to 1760


    Johnathan "John" Lovelace

    British-American Settler
    Kent, England
    Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, British Colonial America

  • 1662 to 1714


    Edward John Lovelace

    Naval Lieutenant
    Kent, England
    London, England

    • A Naval Lieutenant, Edward Lovelace died in battle in 1714. He was the father of John Lovelace, who along with his uncle of the same name, settled in Dutchess Co., N.Y., in 1715. [Page 55]
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  • 1621 to 1683


    Col. Gov. Richard Francis Lovelace

    English Royalist, Second Governor of New York colony
    Deal, Kent, England
    Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

    • 1659: Marriage to Blanche Talbot
    • Francis Lovelace was a court favorite and page to Charles I. He served the Royalist cause in Wales and was Governor of New York from 1667, fostering peaceful relations between Dutch and English settlers. He died in 1683 or 1686 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, after having married secretly and fathered Edward [Page 54-55]
    • He was involved in the Royalist cause during the English Civil Wars and experienced the loss of his property and position when New York was seized by the Dutch. [Page 184]
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  • 1584 to 1628


    Sir William Lovelace V

    Soldier, Knight, MP of Canterbury
    Woolrich, Kent, England
    The Siege of Grolle, Holland, Netherlands

    • 1583: Baptized (February 12)
    • 1609: Knighted by James I at Theobald’s, 20 September [Page 176]
    • 1610: Marriage to Lady Katherine Anne Barne
    • 1614: Member of Parliament for Canterbury
    • Member of the Virginia Company, served in the Netherlands
    • 1628: Died fighting for the Dutch Republic against Spain
    • Noted as being “132 generations from Adam” [Page 43-44]
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  • 1561 to 1629

  • 1527 to 1577

  • 1480 to 1541

  • 1435 to 1496

  • 1393 to 1466


    Richard Lovelace

    Soldier, Mercer of London
    Bethersden, Kent, England
    Woolwich, Kent, England

  • 1360 to 1459

  • 1330 to 1417


    Sir John Lovelace II

    Knight of Bethersden
    Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, England
    Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, England

    • 1360: Marriage to Johanna Lovelace
    • 1367: Purchased property in Bethersden
    • 1412: Built Lovelace Place on the property with son William
    • By 1876, the Lovelace Place had been replaced with a modern farmhouse, retaining some of the original oak paneling and the Hulse Arms in stained glass from the old building. [Page 396]
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  • 1300 to 1363


    Sir John Lovelace I

    Knight of Bethersden
    Bethersden, Kent, England
    Bethersden, Kent, England

  • 1270 to 1302


    William Lovelace II

    Bethersden, Kent, England
    Kent, England

    • Marriage to Alice Fitz Lewes
  • 1247 to 1270


    William Lovelace

    Bethersden, Kent, England
    Bethersden, Kent, England

  • 1226 to 1247


    John William de Luvlaz

    Kent, England