Knick-Knack: The Steel Defender

The trusty companion of Servo the Gnomish Artificer (full name Servo Sprocket Springfoot Seebo Silor), Knick-Knack is a truly trusty companion!

A Steel Guardian crafted from the collected weapons of myriad and sundry dungeon-dwelling denizens (a surprising number of scimitars I might add). Not exactly the filigree familiar one might expect of a seasoned artificer, but a hearty machine nonetheless.

He’s a friendly little spring-heeled chap but certainly won’t hesitate to cleave you in twain, should you threaten his master or his humble gang of misfits.

Creature Sheet:

Squish! – An Art Challenge

After seeing an art challenge posted by my ol buddy Enzo (click here to view), I decided to try my hand at this fun little skill-testing feat and made the image you see before you. I didn’t really have a character to hand at the time so I just doodled a lil self-portrait on the spot.

The goal of the challenge is to sketch a really squished version and a really elongated version of your OC, then use the transform tool to stretch the sketches to roughly the proportions they would normally appear to be. From there, you use the transformed versions of your sketches as a base to finish 2 drawings. This can have some pretty interesting results!

If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can share your Squish challenge drawings on this CyberForum post!

Lil Fella

An fan art for Lil Fella, a character by FireBlade aka Dingle Cringle.

“What teh fuck is this curse you have just brought upon this land.”
-Dingle Cringle

Here’s a drawing of Lil Fella from the original artist:

The Minute Mint

Submitted to The Mighty Lighthouse, unfortunately this one didn’t make the cut.
Ah well, I still like it.

Three Paintings




The Wretched Sac (Published)

This beast of no realm was what originally brought me to the attention of Angelboy Discoman, the creator of The Minute Hour. I had shared it in Umami Animations’ Discord server, where the big man himself stumbled across it. Subsequently. he invited me to join the ranks of his Electrolites in the official Minute Hour Discord Server by publishing my artwork in his art magazine “The Mighty Lighthouse”.

Read the ‘Zine here:
Volume 2 – Issue 2


Here’s the original sketch as well as an alternate/colored version of the art: