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My Self Compassion & Mindfulness Guide

Consider this valuable advice for cultivating self-compassion and practicing mindfulness. Embrace self-compassion: Be kind and understanding to yourself when you experience suffering, failure, or inadequacy. Instead of ignoring your pain or punishing yourself with self-criticism, show yourself warmth and care, just as you would for a loved one. Accept the reality of imperfection: Recognize that […]

Sir William Lovelace V

Born 12 Feb 1583 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Died before 12 Aug 1627 at age 44 in Groll, Gelderland, Nederland. Relatives Son of William Lovelace VI and Elizabeth (Aucher) Lovelace Brother of Elizabeth Lovelace [half], Richard Lovelace, Mabel Lovelace and Thomas Lovelace [half] Husband of Anne (Barne) Browne — married 1610 in London, England Father […]

Sir William Lovelace IV

Born 30 Sep 1561 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Died before 12 Oct 1628 before age 67 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Relatives Son of Serjeant William Lovelace III and Anne Margaret (Lewis) Lewes Husband of Elizabeth (Aucher) Lovelace — married about 1581 Father of Elizabeth Lovelace, Richard Lovelace, William Lovelace V, Mabel Lovelace and Thomas Lovelace […]

Serjeant William Lovelace III

Born about 1527 in Lovelace Place, Bethersden, Kent, England. Died 23 Mar 1577 at about age 50 in London, England. Relatives Son of William Lovelace II and Alice Stevens Husband of Mary (White) Lovelace Husband of Anne (Lewis) Lewes Father of William Lovelace IV Biography Serjeant William Lovelace III was born around 1527 at Lovelace […]

William Lovelace I

Born 1435 in England. Died 1496 at about age 61 in England. Relatives Son of Richard Lovelace Husband of Lora (Peckham) Lovelace Father of Thomasina (Lovelace) Honywood and William Lovelace Grandfather of Sir William Lovelace III Biography William LOVELACE was born about 1435. He died in 1495. He signed a will on 24 Jul 1495. […]