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An Open Letter to the Great Canadian Oil Cange

To whom it may concern, (formal, eh?) I am writing to express my disdain for the recent sloppy and soulless corporate rebranding of The Great Canadian Oil Change. I have been a customer of GCOC for as long as I have been driving and chose you above your competitors with a similarly high standard of […]

Krotorscript Regular – My Very Own Font Face!

Look upon this page in wonder as you enjoy the glorious scrawlings of mine own hand: KrotorScript Regular The Brand Spankin’ New font from *yours truly* You can try the font out for yourself! Just leave a lil comment for me in the section down below.. (yes, my handwriting is this childish) Click to download […]

Knick-Knack: The Steel Defender

The trusty companion of Servo the Gnomish Artificer (full name Servo Sprocket Springfoot Seebo Silor), Knick-Knack is a truly trusty companion! A Steel Guardian crafted from the collected weapons of myriad and sundry dungeon-dwelling denizens (a surprising number of scimitars I might add). Not exactly the filigree familiar one might expect of a seasoned artificer, […]

The CSS-Only Webpage

Recently, while in the shower, I was contemplating how versatile CSS has become compared to how it used to be. I thought about how the appearance and even behaviour of a website can be changed so utterly as to be unrecognizable without its bespoke stylesheet. Then I had another thought. An idea really, and a […]

Prairie Storm Paintball

View this post on Instagram Paintball with the fellas I haven't played before, but I took out like 3 guys over 5 games. Not a terrible KDR for a first time I think. A post shared by Carter Lovelace (@carterfromsl) on Jul 18, 2020 at 8:51pm PDT