Adding New Users

In this video, we’ll go over the creation of new users in the backend of your WordPress site, including the different powers you can give them.

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, click to watch my video Updating Your Site – The Basics to learn how to log in, navigate the backend, and make simple content changes.

  • Creating New Users – 0:10
  • User Roles – 1:34
  • First-Time Login – 3:18
  • Editing User Info – 5:02
  • Subscriber – Powerless
  • Contributor – Can make and edit their own Blog Posts but cannot publish posts
  • Author – Can publish Blog Posts as well as upload media (such as pictures)
  • Editor – Can create/edit/delete Pages as well as Posts; can moderate comments; can edit Categories
  • Administrator – Absolute power: Add/activate/update/delete Plugins; Create and delete Users; Edit files; Manage Theme and Site options