Uploading Media + Embedding Links

In this video, we’ll cover the WordPress Media Library as well as the method of adding links to text.

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, click to watch my video Updating Your Site – The Basics to learn how to log in, navigate the backend, and make simple content changes.

Example Document Links

– Click here to read my Grade 7 Science Fair project from 2012. I tried to prove that zombies could exist and just phoned it in by ripping off a Cracked.com listicle.

My 2013 Science Fair Project
The following year, I tried to argue that humans were going to evolve into little grey men specifically because I already had a life sized model of an alien.

my_Dgog_Mrashmalo.pdf (I don’t know what this is, I think I thought I was being funny when I wrote that circa 2014)